El camino de Edasi - Edasi

Edasi's path

Edasi's path

The path of Edasi has been an adventure full of challenges, a lot of dedication, focus and passion for what we do. It started with Esteban Gutierrez's store selling his own products, as well as those of the Mercedes - AMG Petronas Motorsport team until today, achieving a store where you can find products from the most popular teams within Formula One and sports. motor. We are a firm believer that every journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step. And each step, within a path of success, is filled with a lot of bravery, patience and courage. Advancing is what represents us, improvement is what we seek, continuous improvement is what we constantly work on. Edasi means push, learn, decipher, dream and this is what has brought us here.

Behind an action, there is an idea with potential. Edasi we are all. We are the fans and passionate about the motorsports industry. We are connection. We are representation. Edasi was born with a mission to connect all Mexicans to the heart of this industry. We are a unique and fully accessible platform for everyone where you can discover and find brands of the different teams that we admire so much in our country.

We seek to form a community where they can meet and share this passion. Where they can be part of us and this adventure by subscribing to our news and following us on our social networks. We seek to communicate with you easily and get to know your opinions, what interests you, your favorite teams, your favorite sports. We always want to grow and move forward together. You are the center of this community and we want you to feel part of it at all times.