F1 para Principiantes: ¿Qué pasa cuando se termina la temporada?

F1 for Beginners: What happens when the season is over?

F1 for Beginners: What happens when the season is over?

Since the Formula 1 calendar is full, from March to December, and with tests in February; both drivers and teams keep busy all year.

With only a short break in the middle of the season, they rarely have time off. That's why the winter break is the perfect time for pilots to get back to their personal lives and make the most of it.

Let's take a look at some of the activities drivers do when the season is over.

Additional tests

Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin Abu Dhabi Testing 2021 Formula 1

The 2021 season lasted a little longer for some drivers, as an end-of-season test was held after the last race in Abu Dhabi. Not everyone was present, but testing being limited to a few occasions, there were those who did not miss the opportunity to test the cars.

In addition, these winter tests allow the rookies familiarize themselves with the car they will be driving during the season.

For the top three drivers , it's time for the FIA gala

Max Verstappen FIA Awards Ceremony 2021

Valtteri Bottas FIA Awards Ceremony 2021

Max Verstappen, and third-placed Valtteri Bottas, headed to Paris to receive their respective championship trophies the FIA.

This award ceremony takes place every year, where the top three drivers are awarded immediately after the completion of the season.

Family & Friends Time

Lando Norris Winter Wonderland London

Around the holidays, pilots spend time with family and close friends, and many also go on holiday vacations to exotic locations to cool off after a long and stressful season.

This year, the young British Lando Norris visited Winter Wonderland, a great annual Christmas event that takes place in Hyde Park, London, from mid-November to early January.

Fitness and training

Mick Schumacher Formula 1 Training

The winter break is not just a time to relax; even after the season is over, Formula 1 drivers keep their training regimens intact.To withstand the challenges of the car, they must follow specific diets and routines.

In fact, they usually have a designated coach who, either in winter or during races, acts as the shadow of the pilots

Maintain contact with the factory

Lewis Hamilton Brackley Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1

Although the pilots have a short break, they must be in constant contact with their base and the factory during the winter. This is where the engineering magic is created and the cars for the new season are designed.

The plan and strategy are devised by the entire team, which also includes the drivers.The factory is also where the drivers continue their simulator work, and with limited testing time, this work is vital to the progress of the new car.

Also, keeping in touch with the factory is a great way to lift the spirits of the entire team, inspire them and help them launch a competitive car.

Racing in other series

Fernando Alonso Dubai 24 Hours of Karting

Racing is in the genes of many drivers, and if they are allowed, they will keep racing, regardless of the break. Some they do it for fun, others for sponsorship commitments, but some also do it competitively.

This year, Fernando Alonso will compete in the 24 Hours of Dubai karting at the Dubai Kart Circuit, this will be the third time that the Spaniard has participated in the event, where he was already present in 2014 and 2017.

In addition, some drivers are called by their respective teams to carry out demonstration races in various places around the world, in order to show the Formula 1 cars to the fans.

< p>Winter tests

Charles Leclerc Ferrari Abu Dhabi Testing 2021 Formula 1

As the start of the season approaches, between February and March, there is a period known as winter testing.

< span>This is the part of the year where teams have the opportunity to test the car they have been developing and set it up properly, allowing both driver and machine to work together for maximum performance. < /span>

The winter break is a great opportunity for teams and drivers to rebuild their fitness, or poor results from the previous season, and start from scratch.

Don't despair, there's less and less to go until the return!

Author: Florencia Andersen


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