Red Bull Racing - Sergio "Checo" Pérez y Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing, second title in the making?

Red Bull Racing, second title in the making?

Before formally entering as a works team in 2004, Red Bull had its place as sponsor. At that time, nobody imagined the magnitude of the success of which they would be protagonists during the following decade. After a first podium finish in 2006, three years later the team achieved six wins and a second place in the constructors' standings.

Over the next four seasons, they claimed two consecutive pairs of titles between 2010 and 2013, with Sebastian Vettel emerging as the youngest quadruple champion in the sport. Now his hopes of regaining that glory rest with the talented young reigning champion: Max Verstappen.

 Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

In 2021, Red Bull Racing secured its first drivers' championship since 2013, winning 11 of 22 races, and pushing Mercedes to the finish in an intense builder fight. The new member of the team, Sergio "Checo" Pérez, was an invaluable piece for Max Verstappen's successful title bid.

In February, Red Bull launched its Formula 1 car for this 2022 under the name of RB18, a renewed version that the Dutchman will use for his title defense.

Auto Red Bull Racing 2022 RB18 Formula 1

The RB18 follows in the footsteps of the RB16B, Red Bull's fifth title-winning Formula 1 car and the design that ended Mercedes' unbroken run of championship wins in the turbo-hybrid era V6.

It is also the first car Red Bull has created since engine partner Honda left the sport. The power unit they will use this year was created by the Japanese manufacturer but will bear the badge of the new Red Bull Powertrains engine division.

The design of the RB18 has been a challenge as Red Bull, together with Mercedes, faced the most difficult task last year trying to balance the demands of 2021 development and work of design of 2022.

The team also had to adapt to the demands of the cost limit, cutting personnel and modifying processes for the new era of Formula 1, and the year past had the greatest aerodynamic testing restrictions.

However, Red Bull has been keen to constantly improve its speed and production capacity to maximize design and development time.

Max Verstappen will race with the number one on his car, with teammate Sergio Pérez returning for his second season with the team.

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Author: Florencia Andersen


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