About us

About Us

Edasi is an online platform, created by Esteban Gutiérrez, dedicated to bringing fans and enthusiasts closer to the world of motorsport to your passion, bringing the industry to a unique platform accessible to all.

We are a Community. Edasi is a community for everyone, for those who love racing and for anyone who has a taste for objects with wheels and is willing to always move forward. This is the place to meet and share your passion. We believe in a friendship, in inclusion, in true connections.

We are Passion. Driven by a deep passion in what we do. We are passionate about cars, our goals and our work. We know that determination, resilience and success come from enjoying and sharing this great adventure with those around us.

We are Movement. Edasi means moving forward and in this world, you are constantly moving forward, learning, overcoming and pushing for more. The name is a representation of what life means for our creator, Esteban Gutiérrez, and we are sure that for many of you too.

We are Reliable. You are our engine. We want to know your opinions, to know what interests you. We want to work to always offer them what they are looking for.

We are Audacious. We are not afraid to be ourselves. To walk with firm steps and facing our objectives, facing new challenges. We're ready to take calculated risks on the go.

This is for you. It's for everyone. This is just the beginning.